Skull Cult – Vols. 1 & 2 – 7″ EP

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Skull Cult Vol 1. & 2.

Once you join Skull Cult, there is no turning back.

Put this record on and you will hear their strange ritual.

This is the 12 song, 7 inch vinyl compilation of their sold-out cassettes: Vol 1. and Vol 2.

Skull Cult – Vols. 1 & 2 – 7″ Vinyl EP

$6.50 ea.


“How’re you feeling on this, uh… “blessed” Sunday night? Havin’ fun? Feelin’ good? Lovin’ life? Yeah, yeah, I’m sure. I don’t know about you, but nothin’ brings the joy out of me more than the mounting sensations of anxiety, hatred, and guilt that naturally comes with being just a few hours from work and/or school. Tomorrow’s gonna suck and, chances are, so will you. But things could be worse, I suppose. Like, for example, you COULD be stuck listening to an obnoxious synth punk band housed way the fuck up in Indiana as opposed to doing, well, just about anything else with the last bit of your free-time. Hell, you might even be a poor sap who’s willingly taking some of that tiny, teensy-weensy bit of free time in order to write about the fucking thing on the internet, to a crowd of otherwise indifferent listeners – I think we can all agree that guy is a total dunce. 

Nonetheless, I bring you Skull Cult: a newly-founded project from, assumedly, the bright minds behind Bloomington’s Buttzzz. I know, I know, describing a band who chooses to call themselves Buttzz – with not one, but TWO fucking z’s – seems like somewhat of a contradictory statement, but believe me when I say that Buttzz’s music is not nearly as dumb as their name. I’m not ashamed to say that Buttzz’s “Summer Lovin” cassette was one of my personal favorite tapes to come out in 2016, without a doubt in my mind (…). So for sure, I was pretty goddamn stoked to hear that members of Buttzz had formed a new band (supposedly, I’m not entirely sure if Skull Cult is made up entirely by Buttzz members, or just shares a few), under the name of Skull Cult. This “Vol. 1” cassette compiles the first of the group’s efforts, and hot damn, is it fuckin’ GOOD. I’ve only listened to this tape for a few days at this point, but Skull Cult has already grown on me just as hemorrhoids do on an overweight, sedentary, middle-aged man’s spotted asshole – meaning very easily. “Vol. 1” a maniacal, goofy, utterly infectious synth-infused punk project with shameless songwriting. The hammy, omnipresent key tones sound as if they’re emanating from a Fischer-Price “Baby’s First Keyboard” that’s low on batteries, the vocals are discernably alien-like and hellbent on rattling your eardrums, and the bass and drums are so synonymously quirky and synchronized – this tape is insane in every sense of the word. If I’m gonna be honest, the clunky, dopey-ass guitar solos shoehorned throughout “WTTT” literally sold me on this entire band. You need to jam this tape NOW, because Skull Cult is stupidly amazing. Tapes are supposedly coming within the next few weeks, I’ll be sure to update this description with a way to get ahold of those if possible.” 

Jimmy the dog – 2017